Peak Dale Local History Group was formed in 1986 following a series of local history classes held at Peak Dale School as part of the High Peak College's outreach programme. With the help of High Peak Community Arts, the Group has continued to research the history of the area and record the experiences of people who have lived or worked in the village of Peak Dale. The present book attempts to record the history of the village to around 1920 and our research into the subsequent years goes on. This book has been made possible by those recorded in the acknowledgements. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all who have supported and encouraged the Group, have given their time to help with the preparation of this book and have waited patiently for its publication. We hope that our efforts may reflect our pride in our village and its people.

Ann Storer

Andrea Storer

Janet Baldock

Alison Sutton

Ann Johnson


To the Memory of

Thomas Beswick

Paul Blunden

Elsie Cottrill

George Howe

Front cover photograph

This photograph, taken a 'Peace Day" 1919. illustrates the unity of village and quarrying industry in the early part of this century. Bold Venture Kilns and the Buxton Lime Firms Crusher were sited close to the Midland Railway Hotel and Great Rocks Wesley an Chapel. Small Dale Quarry and Duchy Quarry are in the background.